Setting up our two new laptops

We received two donated laptops last week – thanks to Suzanne and a Facebook buying and selling group. Both machines are rocking Windows 7, however somewhat ‘full’ making them not very responsive. Time for a clean up…

The first step was to clean up some space on that C drive because it really was struggling. Deleting windows.old got us 7Gb straight away (warning bells – maybe this indicated a failed attempt to go to windows 10?). Then lets remove an expired anti-virus app.

Without a Win7 recovery disk – we’re going to try and get them up to Windows 10 anyway.

This was somewhat thwarted by the machine insisting on doing a massive set of (windows 7) updates, and despite the fact that the windows 10 update was downloaded and ready to roll. Walk away for 3 hours and let it crack-on. This image was taken about an hour in…

As a backup plan I used the other laptop to create a 32bit media disk, since my one was 64bit. And these guys are only on 2GB of RAM. This may come in very handy if we get more sub 4GB laptop donations (hint hint).

So because I did a clean install and repartitioned the drive to make one larger 100GB drive instead of 2 x 50GB drives – Windows did not recognise the upgrade (presumably hardware detection) – and the initial OEM installation was Windows Vista Business (Sad face – no upgrade path to Windows 10). So I’ve put Kubuntu on the one that failed to go to Windows 10.

We’re naming our laptops alphabetically based on villages around Hexham. So we’ve got ‘Anick’, ‘Bingfield’ and ‘Catton’. Respectively; these are on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Kubuntu. And with 3 laptops it means means we can open our next event up to kids without any kit! Also, giving them the opportunity to try out different operating systems.