Our growing list of useful programming resources.

BBC Microbit

We have a stash of BBC Microbits for you to borrow at the club. It’s amazing what you can do with these tiny devices.

Code Club Projects

Loads of projects to do using Scratch, Python and HTML. Our club has an official ID and PIN to gain access to all the projects – ask for access on club days.


This has gone more commercial since it first launched – however there are many free courses to learn Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML and more. & ‘Hour of Code’

A useful resource for jumping off into project ideas. Projects to make games, create artistic animations and learn sequential programming using minecraft-adventurer.


We’ve got some crumble gear. The crumble controller is programmable using a scratch-like interface (blocks). With a stash if easy to connect electronic components and motors.


‘Git’ is a code version-control system which allows programmers to collaborate on projects. GitHub is a hosting service for Git – and it’s free if you make your code open-source, or only have a few collaborators. We have a team set up on there with some code samples.

Lego EV3 MindStorm – Python

NetLogo – Simulation Tool

NetLogo is programmable simulation system. You can play with the examples or program your own. Everything from the classic ‘Life’ simulation through a ‘Behive simulator’ to ‘piles of sand’, and loads more. If you want to code your own – we recommend downloading the desktop version.

Raspberry Pi

A cheap, bare-bones and completely naked computer – ideal for IOT projects.


Easily create games, animations and interactive stories using a drag and drop block system. Familiarisation with many of the principles in ‘real’ programming.

We’ve got our very own HeXKcD studio on the scratch site – so if you’re a member with an account – join our studio!

Sonic Pi

Code some music – in real-time.


Easily run python code in the browser – toggle between a (scratch-like) blocks view and python-code. Also test out HTML and CSS code.

 Visual Studio Code

Need a good text editor for coding? We recommend Visual Studio Code – it’s completely free, has support for many languages, including Python, Javascript and C#.