Privacy and Your Data

When members sign up for HeXKcD we collect the following information about the parent and their child:

  • Parent’s Name
  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s age-range, computing interests and ability level
  • The computer equipment you have
  • Parent’s email-address
  • Data-privacy consent.

We store all this information securely in Google Forms and Google Drive and use it to contact you about our club. We also store your email address, name, and child’s first name on our website so you can register for events.

When we a obtain signed paper consent form from you for your child to attend the club we also collect the child’s date of birth, an emergency contact and if the child has any medical conditions we should know about. We gather this information in case of an emergency at the club. We also explicitly request consent for your child to access the internet, and optionally to leave the club unattended and for permission for them to be photographed. We record attendance to the club at each event.¬†We retain the original paper consent forms, and also store this information digitally on Google Drive.

We operate a newsletter system using ‘MailChimp’. In this system we store the names and email addresses of users who have signed-up with us. We use this information to contact members on an ad-hoc basis with updates about the club and other related information.

Our website gathers visitor and browser data using Google Analytics – this data is presented to us in an anonymous and aggregated format.

We remove personal data one year after a member leaves the club. Unsubscribing from the membership newsletter is considered to be leaving the club.

We will not transfer or sell your data, and will only provide it to authorities if legally required to do so.

You may also ask for the personal data we hold about you, or for it to be deleted, and we will comply with reasonable requests within one month. There is no charge for this service.



last updated: 18 May 2018.