Pre-club techie recce

Billy and I did our venue reconnaissance of Hexham Abbey from a technical perspective today. It’s great to see a building that has stood here for over 1300 years (built AD 674) being put to good use. Although we are in one of the younger parts of the building – added in the 13th Century; I understand.

There’s only two weeks until our club kicks off, but rest assured; we’ve interrogated the WiFi, audited the power outlets and planned our table layout.

Hexham Abbey’s wifi doesn’t isolate its clients – this is good – it means we can ‘talk’ to our raspberry pi’s over the network. And For those of you with ethernet-only pi’s we’ve configured our wired -> wifi access point to get you online.

We’re going to need some 4-ways to cope with the numbers we are anticipating though – donations welcome!

Techie Recce