26th August 2017

In addition to the usual coding session we’re going to be running an “August Autopsy Quiz” on one of our old laptops that has ‘seen better days’. Our quiz will include (among other things) finding out how big the HDD is, how much RAM it has, and who made the CPU. All from looking inside. … read more

22nd July 2017

Not quite the last Saturday this month due to school holidays – so we had a smaller turnout than usual. We had Code-Club goody bags to give out – We’ve got loads left so if you missed it you can collect one at your next visit. Here is the link to some code-club project ideas … read more

29th April 2017

Our busiest event to date. We had… Some python BBC-microbit work Fire particle effects A ‘sense’ board demo A ‘ghost-busters’ game A ‘boat-race’ game. … loads more

25th March 2017

Our March 2017 had another great turnout. And we had our first demo. At ‘biscuit-time’ Peter demo’d ‘Balvenie’ – the Home-brew (Amazon Echo) digital butler. This was built with two (yes two) BBC Microbits, a Raspberry-PI, and the power of the internet. We just about got it to work – after a bit of wire-wiggling and patience … read more

25th February 2017

A nice turnout for our second event – especially given that it was half-term. Mainly scratch, however we had Javascript, HTML/CSS and a couple of python beginners. The hit of the day was the splat the trump game by Archie. Check it out – here.

28th January 2017

Our very first event! And it all went off extremely well, with a great turnout. Most were working on scratch. Also some interesting projects using ‘game maker’ and ‘algodoo’. (I’d never heard of algodoo – so we all learned something!) Hardware-wise we had a raspberry pi, some BBC MicroBits, and an interesting Javascript-based IOT project getting underway. … read more