Our Equipment

  • A few old laptops
  • A totally dead laptop which you can disassemble to solve our ‘Laptop Autopsy Quiz’
  • A stash of BBC MicroBits.
  • Some Crumble kits
  • A Lego Mindstorm Robot
  • A couple of Open University ‘sense’ boards
  • An ethernet-to-wifi access point to get your ethernet-only devices online (bring your own ethernet cable)
  • Some small bread boards and electronics
  • A tangle of 4-ways and other misc. spares


With thanks.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club for raising funds to allow us to open some of our events for free.

Many thanks to Northumberland Council’s Community Chest Scheme which funded the purchase of our Crumble-Kits and Lego Mindstorm robot.